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Hi Sherry,

My yard is beginning to all come together with the new growth. Iím so lucky that I finally, after 30 plus years, have a useable and lovely space.

‘I hope the photos came through. If youíre ever in the area, you are most welcome to stop by.

Cam W.


‘Sherry understood immediately what we were envisioning. She brought her own experience and love of century old homes to this project.

We began with a big grassy backyard with some scattered edge gardens. We had a small fountain that was plopped right in the middle. Sherry provided the context and envisioned the fountain as a destination, complete with cobbled walkway and brick patio. The patio was situated carefully to provide the most interesting and private 360' view.

She listened carefully as we told her how we wanted to use the backyard - for reading, relaxing, entertaining, tending flowers and creating an oasis in the middle of the city. She unified the gardens, both in the front and back, and created a relaxed curving edge that expanded them. She helped us choose plantings that were reminiscent of the early 1900's and planted strategically to create privacy and add seasonal colour.

I would recommend Sherry in a heartbeat for anyone thinking of undertaking a landscape design plan. She was responsive, came back when she said she would and kept to the timeline we had established. Her drawings were meticulous.

Elsje B Zwart, MSM

‘Hi Sherry,

I love the look of the gardens! Iím looking forward to seeing it with the annuals added.

Your plan and hard work brought beauty and life to our yard. It truly is a dream come true.

Nancy S.


‘Hi Sherry,

It was so nice to see you yesterday and during our conversation I forgot to mention how much we still enjoy the landscape design you created for our property. We have always received compliments and have even collected a couple of Trillium Awards throughout the years.


‘Some of the plantings may have changed over the years but we have always tried to follow your original design as we are quite happy with it.

I have attached a couple of pictures you might enjoy or could use. Again it was great to see you and hope you enjoy the upcoming outdoor seasons!

Robin M.

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