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At Landscaping With Style we take pride in providing our clients with Personalized Design Plans. As you peruse through the various Photo Galleries you will likely see properties that appeal to your taste while others provide little interest to you. And that is perfectly fine with our designer.

It is our objective to create a wide variety of design layouts that suit both the style of home and the preference of the homeowner. Our job is to guide our clients through the design process, offering hard and soft material options and style suggestions. We offer explanations; guidance; education and alternatives rather than simply imposing our taste and design preferences. We believe that it is your home to live in and your property to love, not ours, and we treat our clients with understanding and respect.

We take pleasure in showing you a variety of photos of client properties ~ some are newly installed while others are matured properties. Many of our design plan projects have been installed by our associate contractors, some have the planting projects installed by Landscaping With Style while others are completed by the homeowner. And of course, there are several installations that are the combined efforts of Landscaping With Style; our associate contractors and the homeowner. Please enjoy our groupings.

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