Our Personalized Plans Design Process ...
The Design Process described here is based on Detailed, Personalized Design Plans Only. For Simplified Design Consultation Sketches review Consultation section for more details-See Consultation Services.
Please Note: This Process Was Created Pre-Covid. Please call for our current process for completing design plans and consultations
Step 1
Survey or lot plan details, if available, are provided by the client before the first meeting. This information is entered into the clients file and a rough-detail drawing is created then taken on site where the designer, along with the client, gather and record all information including elevations; all pertinent measurements and any existing elements. Design ideas and suggestions are discussed as the designer and client(s) measure throughout the property.
Step 2
After measuring, our designer meets with the client indoors to discuss property layout; wishes; needs; preferred style; materials and plant selection. Elevations, colours, etc. are detailed. The initial pencil sketch with various elements is created. The client is encouraged to ask questions and make suggestions during this session. Visuals are provided via a photo library including landscaped properties; hard materials (walls, walkways, fences, etc), trees and plants.
Step 3
Using the recorded details and rough-design sketch, the designer begins the process, in-office, of entering all of the collected information. All measurements and notes are added to the layout. Structures, hard surfaces, walls, garden lines and trees are drawn to the appropriate scale. The designer works through this process until a solid representation of the clients needs and wishes are developed in what is known as the Preliminary Plan.
Step 4
While the LWS designer works through the preliminary design plan, the client receives a categorized list of trees and plants to review, research and choose as potential options within the design plan. This list is returned to the LWS designer as soon as possible for notation and insertion into the plan. Plants incorporated into the plan will be noted on the legend of the final design plan. All hardscaping, structures, pools, etc and major plantings are completed.
Step 5
A second site visit (full property designs only) is arranged between the client and LWS designer. The scaled preliminary line design plan, exclusive of the planting plan, is presented and reviewed for approval. At this meeting revisions to the line design will be finalized. A final plant list will be completed along with general placement of the plants. Description and maintenance of plants are discussed so clients can make the best decision for their gardens.
Step 6
The final design is completed at the LWS office. All revisions are made at this time. And the labeling is added. A plant legend including type and quantities is incorporated into the drawing. Sample elevation details regarding planting instructions and/or structure designs are added to assist the client throughout the installation process. The final design plan is reviewed by the LWS designer. When complete it is plotted in a scaled, black and white format.
Step 7
The LWS designer meets with the client on-site for delivery and review of the completed, scaled design plan. Details of the final plant choices and placement are discussed along with various hardscaping details. Verbal instructions are provided to read and understand the plan and its scale. Additional questions by the clients are welcomed at this time regarding the final plan. LWS library photos may be re-visited as required to assist the client.

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