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The Artist & Product Lines

Artists Statement
Art has been part of my life since early childhood. As I was born and raised in the country, it was easy to draw my inspiration from Nature and all of the beauty it has to offer the observer. Self-taught and with my love for all things Nature, I naturally ventured into wildlife paintings featuring birds or animals.

I often create vignette paintings which can be defined as a snippet, a fragment or a cameo. Simply put, I am drawn to the purity of my subject. I have a fondness for creating true contrast between the subject and background. I enjoy the strength of the piece when presented in full colour on a pure white, or conversely, solid black background. Either way, it is a challenging technique as there is no hiding ill-placed brushstrokes within a background setting.

A visitor to an art exhibition once expressed to me - Your paintings allow the viewer to look past all of the normal clutter and just focus on the true subject. It was a simple yet powerful statement of acknowledgement of my style. To achieve this in each work of art, I continue to strive for subject truth and clarity.

On full coverage paintings, I make every effort to tell a story, whether quickly understood, subtle, or in the Endangered line boldly and with deep meaning.

Overview Of Art Products
OriginalsCurrently available: Endangered Species & ArtFusion lines. Produced on mounted canvas; gessoboard; birch board or professional fine art papers. Also available - combination original & reproduction framed or mounted.

Reproductions Produced on mounted canvas, professional fine art paper or ready-to-hang plaques. (ArtFusion reproductions only available in greeting cards)

Other Available Products Choose Artscapes note paper; magnets; coasters; ornaments; trinket boxes and an extensive line of Greeting Cards blank or with a verse.

The Endangered Species Series With strikingly haunting beauty, this line is dedicated to vulnerable; at risk and endangered species. (A percentage of net sales donated to wildlife conservation groups)

ArtFusion Photography and acrylic art brought together and to life in dramatic black & white form with eye-catching colour accents. On canvas or fine art paper.

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